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Kindergarten is getting towards the end of their food unit.  They have learned 7 fruits words will be assessing over them before Spring break.  1st and 2nd grades are also nearing the end of their food unit.  They have learned 10-12 fruits and vegetables words total.  Our focus has been using these words in questions and answers to find out who likes them.  Students have been doing some writing and speaking with the question "Te gusta (fruit or veggie)?" which means "Do you like (fruit or veggie)?"  They will be assessing on their question, answers, and food vocabulary before Spring break.  3rd and 4th grades have an extra challenge for 3rd trimester.  We do a short calendar exercise at the beginning of each class where they identify yesterday, today, and tomorrow in Spanish.  So far, they have been able to reference the calendar on the door to help them figure out the correct days.  For this trimester, those days will be covered up.  3rd grade has recently been diving into their geography-based map unit.  They have started with learning the 4 cardinal directions in Spanish and have used them to do some games and activities.  The unit will continue with learning words that they may see on maps such as house, store, street, river, and railroad.  Their end goal will be to read a map with these words in Spanish.  4th grade has also moved on to their geography unit involving community places and prepositional phrases.  We have started with working on the places such as school, church, library, office, and restaurant.  By the end of the unit, they should be able to write sentences in Spanish about where these places are at in relationship to each other.  For example, "The church is next to the school."  5th grade finished their clothing unit just before the end of second trimester.  Their fashion magazine project counted as their test for that unit.  They are now moving on to begin a unit on likes and dislikes with an emphasis on places they like to go, sports they like to play, and instruments they like to play.  6th grade is in the middle of a food unit that will focus on ordering food like they would in a restaurant.  They have been studying food vocabulary words for the past few classes and will have a quiz over these tomorrow, Friday, February 27.  Their next step will be using the words to talk about what they would order.  7th grade has recently begun a unit that will cover the following: a review of school supplies vocabulary, using "the" vs. "a", "an", or "some", and the verbs "to need", "to want" and "to have."  8th grade just finished their -er/-ir verb conjugation unit at the end of 2nd trimester.  Their project counted as their test grade for the unit.  Our next focus will be using the verb "to go" to create sentences such as "I am going to do my homework" and "We are going to take care of my brother."  8th grade students were told last week about a placement test for Dowling that I'm going to have them all take sometime in April.  They will take the test in my class and the tests will be sent to Dowling for grading.  The test will NOT affect their grade in my class, but I want them to know where they stand before they go to high school.  The test covers a lot of material that was taught in the past, but not necessary this year.  Students were given a study guide with textbook references for vocabulary. 


TAG students may come get their projects to take home.  Projects are in the library.  Hopefully you got to see them at conferences in the middle school hallway.  Any projects not taken home by Spring break will be thrown away.  Thank you, students, for all your hard work!        

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