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Kindergarten has been working on a calendar unit.  We have done lots with the days of the week including a story and putting the words in sequential order.  The biggest challenge with this is that, in Spanish, days of the week begin with Monday and not Sunday.  We will also be working on numbers 1-10.  1st and 2nd grades have been doing days of the week as well, but have been moving at a faster pace and doing more advanced activities.  2nd grade will eventually use days, numbers, and months to tell the date in Spanish.  3rd grade is in the second half of a unit over reading a map in Spanish.  They have learned cardinal directions vocabulary, the words for "symbol", "legend/map key", and some items commonly found on maps including "house", "street", "river", and "railroad."  Students will be assessed on their ability to read a map in Spanish before the end of April.  4th grade has been working on vocabulary for places in the community such as "school", "church", and "office."  They have also done some work with prepositional phrases such as "to the left of" and "next to."  We are starting to build sentences this week to tell where things are located.  By the end of the unit, students will be able to draw their own map and make sentences telling where things are.  5th graders have begun to make questions and answers about likes and dislikes.  They are working on putting words in an order that makes sense and also on translating questions and statements.  They should expect a test over the likes/dislikes unit in late April or early May.  6th grade is almost finished with their food unit!  Their test is coming up on April 10 which is the next time we meet for Spanish class.  7th grade is in the second half of a unit that reviews school supply words and the verbs "to have", "to need", and "to want."  Students have also worked on converting "the" to "a" or "some" before a noun such as "a book" instead of "the book."  8th grade is in the second half of a mini unit over talking about what someone is going to do.  The focus has been conjugating the verb "ir" which means "to go."  This is an irregular verb which does not follow the rules they have been taught so far.  We will finish the unit by adding sequencing words to talk about the order in which someone is going to do certain things.  


*** 8th grade will take a Spanish placement test for Dowling here at St. Joseph after their current unit is finished, probably in late April.  The test will not count towards their grade in Spanish class, but it will tell them where they stand in terms of what Dowling teaches during their Spanish 1 course.  The test is cumulative and covers a wide variety of content that has been taught over the years.  Students were given a study guide for this test before Spring Break including textbook page numbers and what to expect.  I'll give an exact date for the test when it gets closer.

***NJHS students will be doing a babysitting fundraising night on Friday, April 17 from 6-9 pm in the parish center.  If you would like a night out, let us watch your children for a free will offering and enjoy your free time.  A registration form for this is coming home with students this week.

Happy Spring!

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