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Spring has sprung!  Here is what everyone is doing:

Kindergarteners have finished days of the week and are now studying numbers 1-10.  We are using laminated mats with play dough to work on these words as well as tracing the number words in Spanish.

1st grade has been working a lot on numbers 11-19.  They will test over these numbers in the next couple of weeks.  2nd grade is combining their skills with days, numbers, and months to tell the date.  We have been using sliding sentence strips to practice.  2nd grade will also be testing over this skill in the next couple of weeks. 

3rd graders have finished their mapping unit and will finish the year working on numbers.  We'll eventually use the numbers to do some basic math problems in Spanish. 

4th graders are coming up on the end of their unit over places in the community and prepositional phrases.  Students will do a project in May to showcase what they have learned.

5th grade is almost ready to test over their current unit about things they like to play and places they like to go.  Folders will be sent home next Monday to study and the test will be next Friday, May 8.

6th grade has recently completed a brochure about foods from a Spanish-speaking country of their choice.  These were recorded as a quiz score in the gradebook.  Students are now doing a mini unit over obligations.  They should expect a quiz over this unit next week. 

7th grade is coming up on the end of their current unit.  They have been studying the verbs "to need", "to have", and "to want" in conjunction with school supply words.  They have also learned how to say "a" or "some" in place of "the" before a noun.  Their test will be next Friday, May 8.

8th grade has finished their unit over the verb "ir" which means to go.  They used the verb to say that someone is going to do something.  For example: I am going to study.  After taking the Dowling placement test, we'll do some work with cinco de mayo.

NJHS has their last meeting next Wednesday, May 6.    




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