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As we wait for the birth of our savior, here's what's happening in Spanish classes, 6th grade religion, and NJHS.... K-2 Spanish These grade levels are in various stages of their food unit. Their studies range from learning the words for foods to asking and answering questions about if they like the food or not. 3-4 Spanish These grade levels have recently tested over their family unit. Tests went well and we are ready to move on to a new unit including verbs. All verbs for our next unit will be things that students may like or not like to do and they'll learn how to express their preferences in Spanish. 5 Spanish This class is almost to the end of their clothing unit. We have a quiz coming up this Friday, December 4 and will be starting a project next week to finish the unit. 6 Spanish Students are almost to the end of a unit over describing their families. They will be starting a project soon in place of a unit test. 7 Spanish Students have been working on asking and answering questions about someone's age. There will be a quiz this Friday over this content and then we'll start working on asking and answering where someone is from. 8 Spanish Students have spent the last 5 classes working on a new set of verb infinitives. There will be a quiz this Friday over the verbs. We'll review how to comjugate -ar verbs and then learn how to conjugate -er and -ir verbs. All verbs in Spanish fall into one of these 3 categories. 6 Religion Students tested over Chapter 5 just before Thanksgiving break. We are currently in the middle of Chapter 6 which talks about the 10 commandments and Jesus' new law of love that we are called to follow. When we finish Chapter 6, there will be a small project about the Jewish Passover before we leave for Christmas break. NJHS At our two November meetings, students wrote letters and packed small care packages for military troops. Items will be sent to an organization called Operation Gratitude which acts as a "middle man" to get items to where they are needed most. Also, we are going to start a monthly popcorn fundraiser within the building! Our first popcorn sale will be next Friday, December 11. More information to come soon!
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