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Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade Spanish These three grade levels have recently begun a calendar unit with varying degrees of difficulty. Kindergarten is learning to identify numbers 1-10 spelled out in Spanish, while 1st grade is adding 11-20 to their repertoire. 2nd grade is working on 20-30 and will eventually use those numbers with days and months to tell the date. 3rd and 4th grade Spanish These two grade levels are using their background knowledge of Spanish numbers to do some math! 3rd grade is doing subtraction and 4th grade is doing multiplication. Students have already completed many activities to help them study any numbers that escaped their memory since last year and will also be forming their own math problems using Spanish numbers spelled out in word format. 5th grade Spanish This class is also using numbers, but they will soon be using them to tell time in Spanish. Its such a joy to see students applying their knowledge to accomplish a larger task. 6th grade Spanish The sixth graders are embarking on a unit that focuses on verbs. They will be using the verbs to talk about things they have just done, things they have to do, and things they are going to do in the near future. 6th grade Religion As we go through the season of Lent, students are spending some time each Monday in class to practice for the Living Last Supper. This presentation, based on the painting by Leonardo DeVinci, will be on March 24th in the Church. Each student has a speaking role and must memorize their part. Alongside that, we have begun Chapter 9 which talks about the prophets from the Old Testament and the messages they delivered to God's people. 7th grade Spanish Students are beginning their study of singular personal pronouns (I, you, he, she, etc) and 3 Spanish verbs: to have, to need, and to want. This unit serves as an introduction to verb conjugation which will be the core of 8th grade Spanish. They will use the verbs to talk about items that someone has, needs, or wants. 8th grade Spanish Having finished present tense regular verb conjugations, the eighth grade is now reviewing clothing and color vocabulary to talk about what someone is wearing. They most recently followed directions in Spanish to color characters on a gameboard resembling "Guess Who." Their goal with this task was to play the game with a partner and figure out their secret character by asking questions about what the character was wearing and what color it was. NJHS Due to all the craziness that February has brought, we have not met lately but will meet again on March 2. Popcorn will continue to be sold once per month for the next three months as a fundraiser. Thank you for your continued support of National Junior Honor Society service projects.
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