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Spring has sprung! Here's what's new for Spanish, 6th religion, and NJHS. Kindergarten is getting ready to test tomorrow over numbers 1-10 and then they will start a unit over months of the year. 1st grade is finishing up their unit over numbers 1-19 and then they will move on to months also. 2nd grade has been working on days and months in addition to numbers. They will soon be putting all of these pieces together to tell a complete date in Spanish. For example: Today is Wednesday, the 30th of March. 3rd grade is getting ready to test over their subtraction unit using numbers through 30. 4th grade is getting ready to test over their multiplication unit using numbers through 30. 5th grade has been working on telling time and will be asked to complete a unit project instead of a test at the end of that unit. 6th grade Spanish is working on verb phrases with household tasks. They are just getting started with verb conjugation using the verbs for "to have to" and "going to" describing their obligations. 7th grade continues to plug away at conjugating the verbs for "to have", "to need", and "to want." 7th grade did not meet much during the month of March due to preparations for Living Stations of the Cross, but should be getting back on track soon. 8th grade has been reviewing noun-adjective agreement using colors and clothing vocabulary. They will soon be making sentences employing these skills and their unit assessment will be a project. 6th grade religion students worked very hard to put on the Living Last Supper on Holy Thursday and did a wonderful job! I took points for a test grade and everyone got 100% for their efforts. Well done 6th grade! Now, its back to our text for Chapter 10. National Junior Honor Society has 2 more meetings left this Spring: April 6 and April 20. We will discuss how to increase popcorn sales for the April and May sales coming up and prepare for our last project of the year. This project will be a repeat from last year at the students' request. We will be visiting Parkridge Nursing Home in Pleasant Hill to play BINGO with residents on April 29th at 4p.m.
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