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Kindergarten is currently working on Months vocabulary for Spanish. First grade is also doing months, but they are doing more advanced work with the vocabulary. Second grade has begun a unit about clothing items and they are doing lots of visual activities with their new words. Third and Fourth grades have finished their math unit and are beginning to work on clothing words. Fifth grade recently turned in an end of unit project about telling time. That project will take the place of a test score for the unit. Their next focus will be items in their room. Sixth grade has also started work on vocabulary for items in their room. Seventh grade is finally getting ready to test over the 3 verbs and pronouns they have been studying for quite some time. They have also learned how to do definite vs. indefinite articles (the vs. a/an/some). Eighth grade has finished their clothing and colors review unit with a project taking the place of a test. Scores for that project are on PowerSchool. They are currently preparing to take the Dowling Placement test for Spanish next week on May 2. Ms. Campbell will administer the test during her language class so that they have as much time to study as possible. 6th grade religion is testing today over Chapter 11 and will likely cover 2 more chapters before the end of the school year. Also, 6th grade will be planning one more Mass during the last week of school. National Junior Honor Society students did well with their popcorn fundraiser in April and are doing their last service project for this year tomorrow. They will be going to Parkridge Nursing Home in Pleasant Hill to play BINGO with residents from 4-5pm.
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