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Spanish, TAG - May Blog

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ELEMENTARY (Tuesday, Thursday)



All 3 grades are continuing to work on their family members words and adjectives to describe them.  We are using a graphic organizer called a frayer model to write and illustrate about examples and non-examples of the vocabulary.  First graders have made a memory game in pairs to begin preparing for second grade.  They will begin each class until the end of the year with five minutes of playing this game.  Second grade has come a long way with working together and using their time wisely in class.



Third and fourth grades are continuing to work hard on a geography unit.  Third grade has learned their vocabulary words and are now making their own map in pairs.  Their assessment in a couple of weeks will involve reading a map that's written in Spanish and answering English questions about it.  Fourth grade has been struggling a little with the prepositions they've been learning so they're doing some activities to work on those words.  They have begun to make sentences and will continue to learn more about where the words should go to make a sentence that makes sense. 


MIDDLE SCHOOL (Monday, Friday) - All students are told to write down their homework in their planner as soon as they walk in the door.  If they are doing this, they will hopefully remember to get any homework done that they don't finish in class.  Homework is most always due the following class period which is either 3 or 4 days later. 



Fifth grade had a project due last Friday over their weather unit.  The projects will be graded soon and that score will take the place of a test.  They will finish the year with a mini unit over classes and telling time.



Sixth grade has finished studying food and tested over the unit.  They have since begun work on a unit over classes and telling time.  I am going to start teaching this unit to fifth grade as well since I'd like it to become a fifth grade unit next year.  That should free up some time for sixth graders to start working on verbs sooner. 



Seventh grade is finishing up their adjective unit.  They just wrote and presented a partner dialogue and have recieved a study guide.  They will be testing next Monday, May 5 over the unit. 



Eighth grade is working on conjugating -er and -ir verbs.  This dovetails on the skill of conjugating -ar verbs which they learned in the last unit.  There is a pattern in Spanish for how to conjugate based on the pronoun being used and once they get that pattern down they will be successful.  Many students are already able to explain the conjugation process to others. 


TAG - Grades 4-7

All TAG classes will meet 3 more times this school year: Wednesday April 30, Wednesday May 7, and Wednesday May 21. 

4th - 12:10-12:40 - Library

7th - 1:30-2:00 - Language

6th - 2:06-2:36 - Social Studies


National Junior Honor Society - Grades 7-8 

Tying fleece blankets was a success!  They will be dropped off at Blank Children's Hospital.  Thank you NJHS for a great year!

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