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October Update - Mrs. Rodine

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Happy Fall, Everyone!!   Things have been going very well at school.  It seems that we all have found our rhythm and gotten into a good routine.   Below you can read about some of the things we’ve got going on over the next few weeks:


6th Reading - For most students in the class, this is their second year working with the Journeys textbook, and they are becoming real pros and working through all the skills and vocabulary with each lesson!   Our past two assessments have shown excellent scores for the group as a whole.  I am very pleased at how the students are working on their study guides, and using them to prepare for the assessments.  Not only are they doing a great job of showing me their reading skills and learning, but they are also showing me that they are trying to work on independent study habits which will be so valuable to them in the future.   Thank you to all you parents who help them to be organized, and encourage them to prepare and study!   Students will receive their study guide for Lesson #4 on Wednesday, and we will have the assessment on Thursday!


6th Guidance - The next few weeks we will be working on drug, tobacco, and alcohol awareness issues such as peer pressure and addiction.   This class will help with ideas for Red Ribbon Week which is traditionally celebrated the last week of October.  Look for more information to come about that in a few weeks!


8th Reading - We have finished Lord of the Flies!   It is a difficult novel, but they did a wonderful job of working through the tough descriptions.   Final drafts of their essays are due tomorrow.   This week we will begin some prep work to build some background knowledge before getting into our next novel: Animal Farm by George Orwell.   Students will receive a calendar that will map out our reading for the novel, so be sure to ask them about that.  We also continue to work on fluency every day, and do vocabulary work with the novels.


Student Council - Elections were last Friday!   Congratulations to Johnathan Hanson, who was elected president, Katie Robey who was elected Vice President, Quentin Hill who was elected Secretary, and Brody Reilly who was elected Treasurer.    Drew Johns will represent the 7th grade class, and all other students who ran for officer positions will hold representative spots on the Student Council as well.   I was very impressed with the student speeches, and the work and enthusiasm they showed in preparing for the election.   I know these qualities will carry over to our work this school year.   Be watching for your students to bring home a schedule for our meetings this year, as well as a Code of Conduct for you and for them to sign. 


Conferences - it will time to sign up very soon!   I hope to see all my Reading parents, and any other parents who wish to talk about their student(s)!   Please note that the only available space for me to hold conferences it upstairs in my office.  Having said that, when you go online to schedule, it might be beneficial to schedule a buffer between our conference and others so that you have plenty of time to get to and from each one.   Sorry for the inconvenience, but this will hopefully help everyone stay on schedule.

I look forward to seeing everyone at conferences!


Mrs. Rodine

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