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November News

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Happy Halloween and Red Ribbon Week!   It’s been such a fun month with the students.   It was also so nice to see and talk to many of you at conferences.   Here are some updates on things happening in my classes:

8th Reading - We have finished Animal Farm.   I think the students really enjoyed it, and now they are working on their final projects for the novel.   They are due next Tuesday, November 4th.   They will present them, and then we will get ready to begin our new novel, Dangerous Minds, by LuAnn Johnson.   This book is an autobiographic-type, where she tells stories of her time teaching in a northern California, inner city, high school, with students who have many struggles ranging from addiction, homelessness, gang affiliation, learning disabilities, citizenship status, and many more.  It is a great book that really gives the students a chance to see a different perspective on student life, as well as a completely  different educational system from the one they are a part of.  I’d like to do a lot of journaling with this novel, as LuAnn did with her students.   If you could remind your 8th grader to bring a spiral or theme notebook to class, starting next week, I would really appreciate it.

6th Reading - The students continue to do well with each lesson.   They have really picked up the format of the lessons, and are good at anticipating what we will do each day, as well as working through their study guides to prepare for the lesson assessments.   Tomorrow we will take the assessment for Lesson 7: Do Knot Enter - an informational text about knots and how they have been studied by mathematicians to molecular biologists to magicians!!  Students have a study guide to help them study for this assessment.  When we begin the 2nd trimesters, students will still receive study guides before their assessments, but I will start to give them less assistance on finding the right answers and being sure they are all filled out.   They will have to become more responsible for using this tool to help them study and prepare.

6th Guidance - This week the 6th graders researched  and prepared presentations on the history of Red Ribbon Week, and the importance of making good choices and leading a healthy lifestyle.  They then took their information and gave presentations to all the other classes in the school.    They did a fantastic job presenting and answering  questions.   They are becoming great role models in our school!   We have a few more weeks of Guidance this trimester.   We will work on managing our feelings, and problem solving.   Definitely skills they can use in all areas of their lives.

Student Council - Our next Study Council meeting will be Wednesday, November 12th.   The students have jumped right in to things such as looking at spirit wear options, a suggestion box for all students to use, Red Ribbon Week announcements and ribbons for the whole school, and they are planning something fun for St. Nicholas Day as well.   They are a small group, but they are doing great things!

Enjoy these last glorious days of fall, I feel like the winter winds are right around the corner!

God Bless,


Mrs. Rodine

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