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Updates from Mrs. Rodine

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It was wonderful to see so many parents at conferences!  It’s difficult to believe that March is here, Lent is here, and we are beginning the last trimester of another great year.  Below you can read about what is coming up in our classes over the next couple weeks.

8th grade Reading - Our To Kill a Mockingbird test in tomorrow!  Next week they will get to watch the Oscar-winning movie starring Gregory Peck.   Then we will do some do some prereading activities to build background knowledge about the Holocaust, and then we will begin the memoir, Night, by Elie Weisel.   We continue our fluency and vocabulary building work.

6th grade Reading - we have come to a section in our Journeys year where the textbook really has us focusing on non-fiction pieces, and practicing analytical skills such as author’s purpose, differentiating between fact and opinion, and identifying claims and support.   The students did a fantastic job taking their own notes for the first time to prepare for their assessment.   All students scored in the proficient range!!   We will continue to work on our note-taking abilities, and using different materials (for example, past homework assignments) to help us study and prepare.

7th grade Guidance - We begin tomorrow!    We will cover many topics such as goal-setting, relationship building, and stress management.   I am also going to introduce to this group some new information that I have been studying with fellow Diocesan counselors this year - growth vs. fixed mindsets.   There is a lot of research about how a fixed mindset can hinder students academically, socially and emotionally.   The goal is to help them develop a growth mindset, so that in various areas in their lives they can see the potential for improvement, growth and success.  One of the leading experts is Carol Dweck, who wrote the book, Mindsets.   You can find out more about it on many websites, but gives a great overview.

Student Council - Unfortunately due to the nasty weather, we had to cancel our meeting for this week.   We will meet again on Wednesday, March 11th.    Items of focus between now and the end of the year will be scheduling and planning for the 8th grade Dunk Tank, and also discussion about doing May Day Baskets.


I hope spring weather finds us all soon.   But at least we have Spring Break to look forward to! 

God Bless,


Mrs. Rodine

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