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Updates from Mrs. Rodine

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Spring is finally here!!  It’s so nice to get the students out in the sun and fresh air!   It’s a busy time of year with Easter around the corner and spring sports, concerts and performances to prepare for.   But the students have bounced back from Spring Break, and are all doing wonderful jobs of working hard and keeping up with their learning!   Here is what is happening in our classes right now:


8th Reading - We have begun, Night, and have gotten through the first part together.  Students have a reading calendar to help them see their reading expectation throughout the novel.  I have already reminded them more than once that this is a guide, and subject to change depending on our schedule.  For example, I already know that next week we will be doing some adjusting.  We will take some time to prepare some presentations about To Kill a Mockingbird to give to the other Reading classes before we go see the play on Friday.  So, that may put us behind on our progress in Night.  But, it will be a great opportunity for them to show others the level they are reading at, and the types of literature they are tackling this year.   I foresee that we will finish Night before the end of April, (it’s a very short book), and then they will have a project as their final assessment.   We continue our fluency and vocabulary work.

6th Reading - We will be ready to take our assessment quiz over Lesson 19 by next Thursday.  It will give us a nice break for Easter weekend, and then we will be ready to do Lesson 20 and finish Unit 4 next week!   The students have been doing a great job of note-taking and learning to preparing themselves for their assessments.   I have been guiding their note-taking very closely so that I am sure they have everything they “should” have in their notes, but each time I am giving them a little more responsibility.  One thing for you to be aware of: in the next couple weeks Miss Campbell’s student teacher, Miss Stickle, is required to teach full days, bell to bell.  Because my Reading class is in Miss Campbell’s room during her prep, she would like to take 6th Reading for a lesson or two as well!   It will be a great opportunity for her to work with this type of Reading curriculum.  So, watch for an email or message in Dojo when she gets ready to do that!

7th Guidance - we have continued to review and learn about mindsets, but our topic has shifted to bullying prevention.   We started with identifying types of bullying behaviors, naming all the feeling associated with bullying, and now have moved to the role of the bystander.  The goal is to move from being bystanders to allies, and the strategies we can use to do that.

Student Council - We will meet again on Wednesday, April 8th.   Our focus will be making final decisions and plans for doing May Baskets. 


I hope you and your families have a very blessed Easter!


Mrs. Rodine

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