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Last Blog of the Year...YES!

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Can you believe it?!   Being a parent of an 8th grader myself, I can imagine the mix of feelings as another year, and for some, the last one here, has gone.   Below is a brief description of how we are wrapping up the year.  I wish you all a safe and fun-filled summer!!


God Bless,

Mrs. Rodine

8th Reading - we did a readers’ theater scene from Hamlet for Miss Campbell’s and Miss Ramaeker’s Reading classes today.  The students told them a little about William Shakespeare, gave them a summary of the plot of the play, leading up to the scene, and then read/performed it for them.   They did a fantastic job!  I will really miss this group of 8th graders!   They are great readers, good works, and just all-around great young men and women!

6th Reading - we took our last assessment over Lesson 23 today!!   I couldn’t be more proud of how they have learned to take notes and use those and other class materials to study and prepare.   They really have become independent learners, and I am confident that they will all do well in 7th grade Reading, which is almost entirely novel-based.  Students also got back their graded rubrics for their Book Report Projects today.   Most did a fantastic job!   So many creative and unique projects.  Some still did not use the rubric or the project description pages given to them to help ensure that they met all the project requirements; which hurt their grades.

7th Guidance - We finished the year with a video called, “Flirting or Hurting?  When is it OK, When is it Sexual Harassment?” along with discussion and an activity.  We really focused on the gray area of personal boundaries, and how to read someone’s facial expressions, body language or verbal cues to know if we have crossed someone’s boundaries.   Then what we should do to remedy the situation.   Also how to help ourselves or someone else if we know they are being harassed.


Student Council - We had a fantastic year, and finished it with a fun ice cream party to celebrate!   This group was a very hard-working and focused Student Council.  Tomorrow the 8th graders will enjoy the Dunk Tank and treats to celebrate the end of their school careers at St. Joe’s, and it is all provided by the Student Council!

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