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October Notes - Mrs. Rodine

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October Notes - Mrs. Rodine It has been a wonderful beginning to another school year! Below you can see information regarding the classes I teacher, and other bits as well! 7th/8th Reading - It’s my biggest class yet, and what a great group of young people! I’ve started the year right away with a big challenge - Lord of the Flies by William Golding. It’s a very challenging book, as he writes in a very descriptive, detailed way, with lots of foreshadowing and symbolism. The students have done a great job tackling this dense novel, and are almost done. We will complete the novel this week, and prepare for our final assessment for the book - an essay. Also be watching for a note to come home regarding watching the movie next week. We do fluency work each week as well. 6th Guidance - This is the best group to start the year with, because we can focus on all the academic skills needed to be successful middle school students. We have covered organization and time management, as well as different styles of note taking, and study skills for tests. This week we will move to substance abuse prevention in preparation for Red Ribbon Week, and then move to bullying prevention. Student Council - Elections are this week!! Students will give prepared speeches after lunch on Wednesday, and then students will vote during one of their afternoon classes. Students are running for either a Student Council officer position or class representative. The first Student Council meeting will be Wednesday, October 9th in Miss Ramaekers’ room from 3:15-4:00. Students will need to be picked up by the front doors promptly at 4:00. Students who are not picked up at 4:00 will be sent to B&A. PBIS - The first month of our Positive Behavior Intervention Supports has been working very well. The K-2nd grade students have been working hard to keep their fish or hawks, and the 3rd-8th students have been tracking all the SJS bucks they are earning. Students were able to make menu purchases as well as pick prizes for the Prize Cart last week. Just from the punches and cash that Mrs. Rodine collected, it is estimated that K-2nd grade spent 1,150 punches, and 3rd - 8th spent $2,260!!! That means our students had a lot to spend, and thus have obviously been showing expected behaviors all over the school! ** A quick request: finding prizes that appeal to middle school students can be difficult - if any parents have gift cards for $5.00 or less, or coupons for things like free drinks at McDonalds or free cones, that they are willing to donate - these types of item may get their attention! Thanks. A request for Mrs. Rodine - the student/parent/client chairs in my office have seen better days. If anyone knows of a doctor/dentist/business that is getting rid of reception chairs that are in nice shape, I could use 2-3 new ones. Thanks! I look forward to seeing parents at conferences next week! Mrs. Rodine Guidance Counselor
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