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Updates from Mrs. Rodine

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I hope you all enjoyed a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving break! It was so nice to have the long weekend with family and friends! Even though the weather today is not very inviting, I am glad to be back with the students, with new energy, and ready to tackle lots of material between now and our next break! Please read below to see what we have been doing in our classes, and what is coming up very soon. 8th Reading - Last week students received their grading rubrics back for their Animal Farm projects, and we began some schema-building activities in preparations for starting To Kill a Mockingbird, which we will do this week! I am so excited; it is by far my favorite book! We have been discussing the history of Jim Crow Laws, as well as the Great Depression, and how it affected the economy of the nation, particularly the South (where our story takes place). Having more information about these topics will help the students to be better informed, and will increase their comprehension of the story as we go. Harper Lee tells the story in a distinctly rural/southern dialect, and that alone can make interpreting the text difficult. I hope all this pre-reading work will aid the students in their understanding of the story as we go, and thus will increase their enjoyment as well. We continue to do daily fluency and accuracy practice, and will do a lot of vocabulary work with this novel. 8th Grade Guidance - This group will have Guidance lessons throughout the second trimester. We began immediate work using the State’s “I Have a Plan” website, which allows students to take interest and career inventories. After we are done with these we will take time to talk about high school classes. We will discuss things like credits, prerequisites, electives, graduation requirements vs. college entrance requirements, etc. Our goal will be to create a tentative 4-year plan for high school. This will be valuable information as they get ready for high school registration and counselor meetings. Student Council - Our next meeting will be Wednesday, December 9th. Please be sure to pick up your student by the main office at 4:00. Students whose ride is not here at 4:00 will be sent to B&A, and charged accordingly. Students are in the midst of a non-perishable food and personal care item collection for Catholic Charities. Our goal is 100% participation by having each student bring 1 of each type of item. The collection goes until this Friday, December 4th. Student Council is still looking for medium sized boxes that can work for classroom recycling bins. We really want to reduce our paper waste at school, and we appreciate any donations of boxes that can help us with this endeavor! PBIS - For the month of November, the K-2nd grade students redeemed an estimated 940 punches for prizes and/or menu items. 3rd - 8th grade students spent an approximate $3,087 on prizes/menu items. This tells us here at school that there is a tremendous amount of excellent behavior happening, and that teachers are seeing it, and recognizing students accordingly. Keep up the great work, SJS! We are proud of you! God Bless, Mrs. Rodine
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