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Updates from Mrs. Rodine

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I can’t believe it is Catholic Schools Week next week, let alone…February!! They year is flying by, and it happens so easily when we are busy learning and growing! Below is a recap of what is happening in our classes now, as well as some information on what will be coming soon! 7th/8th Grade Reading - We have finished To Kill a Mockingbird, and the last exam just got graded! The students seemed to love the novel and all the discussions about justice, prejudice, race, and family values that the story provoked! We are spending a couple days watching the movie, and then next week we will be doing pre-reading work for our next novel, Night, by Elie Wiesel. It is a memoir about Elie’s life during the Holocaust. It is a short novel, and will take us very little time to read. But we will be spending more time learning about the events around the world during this time, what was happening during the war, and about the struggles of the Jewish people in Europe, as well as other fringe groups targeted by the Nazis. It’s a heart-wrenching part of our world’s history, but it’s an important part we should all learn about. We will have vocabulary work, lots of it being German words that are used in the novel, and we will continue with fluency work each week. 8th Grade Guidance - We have only a couple more classes for the school year. We will finish up with another couple segments in the “Sex as God’s Gift” video series, and then take some time to talk about goals and goal setting. 7th Grade Guidance - Will begin the week of February 15th Student Council - We have been working on getting everything ready for the Teacher and Staff Appreciation Luncheon. Students (along with help from NJHS students) are writing Thank You letters and/or cards to staff members, so that all staff receive one at the luncheon. They have also coordinated food with Olive Garden, thanks to the wonderful assistance of parent, Molly Reilly! The teachers will be in for a treat! Thank you to families who have made a donation to the funding of this luncheon. The Student Council appreciates the help! We are also making plans for Candy Gram sales! Parents: watch for an order form and more information to come home next week. Also, Candy Grams will be on sale next Friday during Grandparents/Special Adult day. Grandparents will be able to order candy grams for their students, and Student Council will deliver them, along with all other orders, on Friday, February 12th, during classroom Valentine’s Day parties. I hope to see everyone next week at our Open House on Tuesday evening! God Bless, Mrs. Rodine
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