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Updates from Mrs. Rodine

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Spring is in the air! Soon it will be Spring Break, then Easter, then the end of the year! February sure flew by. It was nice to see so many parents and students at Conferences last week! The 2nd trimester was good, and I have a feeling the 3rd trimester will be as well! Here are some things happening in my classes right now: 7th/8th Reading - We are now into Night, and just completed the first section quiz yesterday. While the events that take place in Elie’s story are so unbelievable, the students are very insightful about him, about the range of human emotions that he and his family and community must have been feeling, and they ask great questions! Our central question throughout the course of the novel is: How do our stories shape and affect our identity? While we might have nothing in common with a child like Elie, we can compare how the events in our lives mold us into the people we are, and how we perceive ourselves. This novel will go quickly, and our assessment in a couple weeks will be to prepare a speech. The students also continue vocabulary and fluency practice. 7th Guidance - We have just started with the first couple lessons for this trimester. Right now we are learning about how the brain works, how it can grow and strengthen, like any muscle, and how this knowledge can be applied to the philosophy of Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets. We watched a short video yesterday about studies done with students, and how much better they achieve with growth-mindset-praise. The goal is for students to understand that things that are challenging are good for us, and making mistakes helps out brain stretch and grow far more than always having the right answers. Ideally we want them to adopt the thinking that with practice, effort, and resiliency - they can accomplish any task, skill, or academic content they put their minds to!! Student Council - Our next meeting will be Wednesday, March 9th. Our Candy Gram sales were very successful. We still have some left over candy we are trying to sell. A final total will be posted once we have it. Debate Team - St. Joseph has started a middle school Debate Team! We will be getting assistance from Mr. Spencer Sheaff, Assistant Speech and Debate Coach at DCHS, as well as several DCHS Debate students. Our first tournament will be Tuesday, March 22nd. We really look forward to seeing what these students can do! I hope the weather continues to warm, and that you all have a Blessed Spring! Mrs. Rodine
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