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I think it might be true! I think spring may finally be here! I hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break, and a blessed Easter. It has been a fun couple weeks preparing for Stations of the Cross, Living Last Supper and Retreat Day. Now we have a pretty regular schedule again, and it should be that way for the most part; through the end of the year. Here is what we are covering now in our classes: 7th/8th Reading - We have finished Night, and the students are preparing 3-4 minute speeches for their final assessment. We have a practice day scheduled for Friday, and speeches will be given next Monday and Tuesday. In the meantime, we are starting to learn about William Shakespeare, to build our background knowledge in preparation for reading Hamlet. I know it seems like a tough way to finish up the school year, but our books are side-by-sides, which means we have the original version of Hamlet on the left hand page, and a modern English translation on the right hand side. Throughout the play the students will be assigned to read the translation as homework, so they know what is happening before they get to class, then we will read Shakespeare’s original version in class together and discuss. More than anything else we have read this year, we will work through this text together as a class. When we are done, the students will have such a sense of accomplishment that they tackled Shakespeare! 7th Guidance - we continue to focus on fixed/growth mindsets, and setting SMART goals. SMART goals are goals that are: specific, measurable, have a course of Action, reasonable, and have a Time set. We are practicing looking for goals that meet all these requirements, as well as working towards writing some of our own. Student Council - Student Council meets again on Wednesday, April 13th. We will be working on May Day preparations. Also, the Student Council has ordered the dunk tank for the 8th graders. The 8th graders will have an afternoon in the dunk tank on Tuesday, May 24th. This is the only day on the calendar that will work, so if it rains there will be no day to reschedule. Every year this is a gift the Student Council (in representation of the entire school body) gives to the 8th graders to celebrate their graduation! Debate Team - The Debate Team competed in their first tournament on March 22nd at Roosevelt High School. Many other teams competed in the tournament, and it was quite the learning experience! The students did a fantastic job for their first time out, and received a lot of compliments from the judges. There is another all-day tournament coming up in April - details yet to come. Students on the Debate Team this season are: Luz Corvera-Mata, Christina Dietrich, Quentin Hill, Caleb Renes, Ana Siebrecht, Cade Burke, Dylan Farrell, Gabe Hadsall, Jacob Jay, Lauren Schroeder, Samantha Schroeder, and Mikayla Waters. Happy spring, Everyone! Mrs. Rodine
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