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Updates from Mrs. Rodine - May

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Update from Mrs. Rodine – May I’d say “Happy Spring”, but some days it’s still hard to tell when that cold wind is blowing! But, the trees have leaves, the grass is long and green, and the kids are definitely in SPRING-SUMMER FEVER mode! It’s hard to believe we are down to the last month of school! It’s been another fantastic year, and I feel so blessed to come to St. Joseph every day and spend it with your children! Below you will find information on how we plan to finish up the year in my classes: 7th/8th Reading – We have two more Acts of Hamlet left! Students took a quiz this week over the first three Acts, and will take one more once we finish. They have been doing a great job of reading the translation carefully on their own, writing their summaries, and then discussing and reading Shakespeare’s original words in class. For our final assessment will be doing a readers’ theatre reading of the final scene for Miss Campbell’s Reading class. This will require everyone to have a reading part, participate (in a serious way), and contribute to question and answer time afterwards. It’ll be the easiest assessment they’ve had all year! And it’s a fun way to end the year. 7th Guidance – For the past couple weeks we have been looking at the definition of bullying, and identifying types of bullying and how a target of bullying feels. We have also defined the term “Ally” vs. the term “Bystander”. Over the next couple weeks we will work on ways to deal with bullying, as well has to be an Ally to others around us. We will finish the year with at least one class spent talking about next year, and the qualities of a leader (since they’ll be 8th graders – can you believe it??!!) Student Council – Next Monday, May 2nd, the Student Council will be making and delivering May Day Baskets. This fun little fundraiser helps the Student Council to pay for the Dunk Tank for the 8th graders. This is our graduation gift to the 8th graders, and a wonderful St. Joseph tradition. *****Please note: we have no more Student Council meetings on the calendar for this school year. I have been very proud to work with the small but mighty group this year. They are truly leaders in our school, and they do an excellent job representing the student body and their interests. Debate Team – the Debate Team will have one more tournament on Thursday, May 12th at St. Francis. While we started the year later than some schools, our students have done a fantastic job of researching their resolution, practicing, and learning the format of Policy Debate. Next year we will be ready to go from the start, and I look forward to working with these students, and welcoming any new middle school students who want to join! PBIS – we are in the midst of using our punches and Konchar Kash to buy menu items and prizes this week. I think some of the students who have been saving up are deciding it is time to spend!!! It just amazes me what wonderful students we have, because all their positive behaviors are being recognized – and they definitely deserve some rewards! Students will have 1 more chance to buy prizes towards the end of May. Please help your student(s) to finish the school year on a high note: getting homework in, being kind to their friends, classmates and teachers, and finally – tell them to enjoy this last month! It’s going to be full of fun activities, and it will go so fast! God Bless, Mrs. Rodine
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