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Guidance Update - December

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******House Council********

Please note that there was originally no House Council scheduled during the month of December.   There will be a meeting next Wednesday, December 11th from 3:15-4:00.   If your student serves on the House Council, please pick them up outside the front door promptly at 4:00.   If you are not here at 4:00 to get them, students will be sent to B&A, and families will be charged accordingly.  Thank you for your help with this.


8th Reading - Students took the final test for To Kill a Mockingbird right before Thanksgiving.  We begin this week by watching the movie and comparing/contrasting it to the novel.  Later this week we will receive a pre-reading presentation for our next novel, Animal Farm, by George Orwell.  Books will be assigned Friday, and a calendar for reading assignments will be given at that time.


6th Reading - This week we students will finish up and assess over Lesson #9.  Particular skills covered in this lesson include Cause & Effect, Style and Tone of writing, and Point of View.  Students will work in small groups tomorrow to review the story,” Kensuke’s Kingdom”, as well as vocabulary, and fluency practice.   Their assessment will be Wednesday.


8th Guidance - we will have classes through the 2nd Trimester.  To begin our lessons we are focusing on setting goals.  We will move into other topics quickly, mostly working on social skills and relationship building.  Before the trimester is over the students will work on their I Have a Plan, required by the State of Iowa for all 8th grade students.  This is an online high school and career exploration survey that we will work on together.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.   We will blink and it will be Christmas break!


God Bless,

Mrs. Rodine

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