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Guidance Updates

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Spring is surely right around the corner, right??!!!   Even though it’s cold outside, we really are starting the 3rd trimester, and planning out the rest of the school year!  Below you can read a brief summary of what is coming in the next few weeks:


8th Reading - We have finish reading Dangerous Minds, and are preparing for our final assessment over the book.  Students will be preparing speeches over various aspects of the novel that they felt were most important.  They will brainstorm ideas today.  Also students will receive a permission slip to watch clips from the Hollywood movie version of the book today.  Next week while preparing our speeches we will watch clips from the movie, and do some comparing and contrasting to the novel.  We will also have a wrap up to our “9th Grade Vocabulary” unit with a vocabulary quiz day.  The purpose of this unit was to learn different and fun ways to practice and learn new and challenging vocabulary.  We continue to work on fluency each day, and will prepare for our next novel before Spring Break.  We will be reading Night by Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor and the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize winner.  Students also have new (and higher) 3rd trimester AR goals.  Encourage them to keep reading at home!!


6th Reading - we just completed Unit 3 of Journeys, and have started the 4th Unit, with Lesson 16.  The students are making excellent progress on many skills such as cause and effect, identifying author’s style and tone, and understand domain-specific vocabulary.   Students are also developing good study habits by using their study guides for the lesson assessments.  We also try to fine various ways to extend our vocabulary learning.  Recently our story’s main character was a retired NBA star that was helping coach a youth basketball team.  We concentrated on the word “emulate”, and wrote short essays about people we emulate, and why.  All the students do an excellent job of making text-to-self connections.  Students have new AR goals for the 3rd trimester.  If your child reads books or material not found on AR, tell them to come speak to me.  I can give them an assignment that will earn them points for this reading time.  We want kids to read and enjoy reading - so I will work with them however I can to make this happen!


7th Guidance - It begins today!!   We will start our trimester by working on relationship skills.  To start we will focus on active listening and empathy skills.  Particularly on how to read other peoples’ non-verbal cues about how they are feeling.


House Council - We completed a very successful Candy Gram sale!  Thank you to all of you who helped us with this very fun fundraiser.   We have some leftover candy that the House Council will be selling the next 2 Friday mornings for $0.50 each.  Students can purchase candy to take home with them in the Library those 2 mornings, or while supplies last.


Happy Spring!!

Mrs. Rodine

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