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April Updates

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Wow!  Where did March go???   I am amazed that we are getting to the last part of another school year!   Below you can see what is coming up in our classes.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.


8th Reading - We have just started Night, by Elie Weisel.   It is a true account of his time at Auschwitz and Buchenwald during WWII.  The students spent time gathering background knowledge, and we got to hear accounts from two students about their experiences at the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.   Night is a short book, so we plan to finish and do a final project by Easter.   Plans are to spend the rest of the year reading one of Shakespeare’s tragedies.   We haven’t decided which one, but they will be ordered soon.  This will give them some experience with his language and style of writing before encountering it at Dowling.


6th Reading - We will take our assessment over Lesson 18 on Monday.   We have made such wonderful progress so far this year.   The students were just talking the other day about how amazed they are by how far we’ve gotten in the textbook, and how many different stories and topics we’ve covered!!  Their vocabulary skills keep improving, and I have seen marked progress on their scores with the lesson assessments.   The past few lessons we have really focused on the skills of predicting and inferring, and what the difference is.  They are great at discussion in class and have fun looking for clues in the stories.


7th Guidance - We are still focusing on empathy skills, active listening, including others and how to show respect.   We feel these skills are vital to them in all areas of their lives, and we are looking at them right now with such emphasis because this group is preparing to be the leaders of our school next year.  You can see them starting to grow and see themselves as the ones other students look up to, so being able to show the right ways to treat each other, teachers and parents in important for them at this time.


House Council - Please Note: Our next meeting that is on the calendar for April 9th is cancelled, due to a mandatory staff meeting that all teachers must attend.   Our next meeting will be Wednesday, April 23rd.   The House Council ended up raising $583.00 from Candy Gram sales.   This fundraiser helps pay for the Teacher Appreciation Lunch during Catholic Schools Week, our Rock in Prevention assemblies, and the 8th grade Dunk Tank at the end of the year.   Thank you for your support for this group of student leaders!

Happy Spring Everyone!

God Bless,

Mrs. Rodine


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