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This is it!   Only a few more weeks and another school year is in the books!  With the warmer weather we all definitely have spring fever, but we are working hard all the way until the end of the year.  Here is what we are working on right now:


8th Reading - Students are working independently on their final assessment project for Night/Milkweed.  Students had several choices to pick from, and should be writing those at home this week.   Students are expected to bring a draft on Thursday for review, with the final being due on Friday, May 2nd.  We begin Hamlet today.  We will read as much of it as we can in class together, but with only a few weeks of class left, some reading will have to be done on their own.  Our copies of Hamlet are side-by-sides, which means the students can look on the right hand side of the book for a modern English translation of Shakespeare’s Middle English verse.   It will make following the story easier for all of us!


6th Reading - Students will take the assessment for Lesson 21 today.  Even with extending some of our lessons through the year to take 6 and sometimes 7 days to cover, we have made tremendous progress through the Journeys textbook.   The students keep commenting that they can’t believe we’ve covered 600 pages in our textbook!!!   They have developed tremendous skills this year.   They have really strengthened their vocabulary work, and our overall scores have continued to improve all year.  Look in student assignment notebooks for when the next lesson assessments will be.  Remind your students to keep reading those AR books!  The final day to earn AR points will be Thursday, May 29th.


7th Guidance - We have spent a lot of time looking at research about the effects of positive (respectful) and negative (disrespectful) words and interactions in our lives.    Students were amazed to realize that research proves that negative comments actually store in our long term memory longer than positive ones, and that the ideal ratio for most people is 4 to 1 positive to negative remarks!  We have extended that learning now to cyberspace.   We are discussing online etiquette and safety rules for online activities and social networking. 


House Council - We have one meeting left this school year.  The next meeting will be Wednesday, May 14th.   Please be here at 3:45 each of those days to pick up your students.   Because we are reaching the end of the year, we have less to cover, so we will be ending the meetings at 3:45.  Thank you for your help with this. 


Enjoy the last month of another great school year.   It’s been a great year, and one I will always remember!


God Bless,

Mrs. Rodine

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