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For the month of April:




6th grade Math-


On April 8th the student were able to estimate the probability of an event from data gathered by performing a probability experiment.  They used marbles for one and two number cubes for the other.  They with truly enjoyed the experience.  The lessons for the month:


4/9 Lesson 91 Geometric Formulas


4/10 Lesson 92 Expanded Notation with Exponents, order of operations with exponents and power of fractions


4/13 Lesson 93 Classifying Triangles


4/14 Lesson 94 Writing Fractions and Decimals as Percents, Part 2


4/15 Lesson 95 Reducing Rates before Multiplying


4/17 Lesson 96 Functions, Graphing Functions


4/21 Lesson 97 Transversals


4/22 Lesson 98 Sum of the Angle Measures of Triangles and Quadrilaterals


4/23 Lesson 99 Fraction-Decimal-Percent Equivalents


4/24 Lesson 100 Algebraic Addition of Integers


4/29 Lesson 101 Ratio Problems Involving Totals


4/30 Lesson 102 Mass and Weight


Tests are currently scheduled for Thursday, April 16th and April 27th.


Please check Power School for your son or daughter’s current math grade.   All assignments grades are posted daily.  Students need to make corrections on their homework assignment to better understand why they have incorrectly answered the problem.


Current support for elementary reading -Classroom teachers made changes after the last benchmarking.  They restructured the groups and were given addition support from associates for small groups.  I
 am sure we will see wonderful results due to the collaborative efforts to all involved.


God Bless You and Your Family,  
Lori Farrell


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