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November Newsletter 2013

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Hello Readers,


1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th students have just finished lesson 7.  Please have your son or daughter reread the story in their packets.  They also have a notebook that they need to practice the words that we talk about in the group.  They seem to enjoy the new reading series which makes it easy for them to connect my lessons with what is happening in their classroom.



5th and 6th grade reading

Please ask your son or daughter what their behavior looks like in my class?  Have you seen their latest test results??

  • To improve anything one must first what something to change or to be different.   Has you child been reading 20 minutes daily outside of my classroom?  The Acceralated Reading Program is a part of their reading grade and the end of the trimester is November 15th.  Has your child reached their goal??? 


7th and 8th grade reading

    • We just finished Book One: Shipwreck ISLAND by Gordan Korman.  We discussed character...Ask you son or daughter about the characters, Radford, Luke, Ian and J.J.--their  thoughts and actions.
  • 5th grade math

We just finished test 6. Current grades can be found on-line.



Thank you again for take time out of your busy schedule to see me at conferences.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child please contact me.


Hope You and Your Family Have A Blessed Thanksgiving,

Lori Farrell 

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