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September 2014 –Ms. Farrell’s Blog

Where did the summer go? 

I have been busy assessing the new kindergarten students and the other students new to our school.  The number of new students this year is impressive.  After completing the assessments I will be sharing that information with your student’s classroom teacher.

This year I have been assigned to teach sixth grade math and to support students in sixth and seven grade reading along with supporting students in the lower grades.  Each year bring new faces and a great opportunity to work with a multitude of learners, which I find very rewarding. 

6th grade Math – my advice for success:

  • Come to class prepared—remember what you need

  • Do your homework!!!!!

  • Be honest when checking your homework!

  • Find out why you missed the problem.

  • Seek help---I am here to help you.

6th and 7th Reading

We are currently reading a novel in class.  When they have completed the novel, students will work on a final project. This project will be completed in my classroom.  They will have a rubric.  I will teach the things they will need to do to receive the maximum points.  I hope that this experience will transfer to other subject areas.

The first week in September I will be starting working in the lower grade classroom.  Check  with your child to see if I am part of their reading center rotation.

God Bless you and your family,

Lori Farrell   

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