Lori Farrell Profile


Lori Farrell

Grade / Subject you teach:

Currently this year my role is 6th grade math, small group for sixth and seventh grade reading and in classroom support for reading for grades first, second and third.

Additional responsibilities:

I am a mentor to our new third grade teacher Barb Basch.

Educational Background:

I graduated from Grand View College. I am certified has K-6 Teacher Elementary Classroom, K-8 Multicategorical Resource Mild, K-8 Instructional Strategist 1 Mild/Moderate, and Reading K-8 Reading.

Work Experience:

Work for Des Moines Public School as a Special Education Teacher for seven years. I was hired in July of 2007 has the resource teacher for math and reading.

Hobbies or Special Interests:

I enjoy starting garden plants from seeds, my large vegetable garden and canning

What do you enjoy most about your role at St Joseph's?

Helping those in need. To show the love of Christ in a Christian Community.

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