Tuition Information


Tuition Information


Saint Joseph Parish is committed to making it possible for any child of a registered and participating family to attend a Catholic school.  A small committee has been set up to meet with any family who needs financial aid.  The bottom line in these instances is not money but whether the family is regularly attending the parish for weekend liturgy and worship and whether they are participating in the parish SACRIFICIAL GIVING PROGRAM at a level they can afford on a regular basis.

In order to be given preference as members of Saint Joseph Parish the following criteria need to be met:

1.    Currently registered at Saint Joseph, Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, St. Mary’s or Sts. John and Paul Parish and have completed a Sacrificial Commitment Card.

2.    Regularly attending week-end Liturgy at home Parish and participating in parish events.

3.    Regularly using envelopes to contribute to the parish through the Sacrificial Giving Program as stated on the Sacrificial Commitment Card. (The amount to be given is to be determined by the parishioner’s family in relationship to their income.)

Families who currently have students in school but are not meeting their financial obligations to the school, and/or have not been faithful to items two and three above, will not be given priority over new students in the registration process.

Fees for Saint Joseph families for the 2013-2014 school year are:


A.    $170.00    -    Registration Fee

(for first child, additional children $55.00) this fee is non-refundable

B.    $2,646.00    -    Tuition/school fee for first child
       $4,811.00    -    For two children
       $6,594.00    -    For three children

(including additional children---the most any family would pay would be $6,594.00)


Those Catholic families who are not currently registered or who are not attending or supporting Saint Joseph Parish will be viewed as non-parishioners and will be charged the same amount in school tuition/fees as students from other parishes.  These families need to approach their own parish for financial arrangements and assistance.  We of course welcome students from other parishes who do not have schools.  We assume that those parishes will give financial assistance wherever possible.  Those families that are not Catholic will be charged a tuition approaching the per pupil cost of the previous year.  These amounts will be determined following the close of the fiscal year, June 30.

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