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Bus Information

Bus service may be available to students of Saint Joseph School. The exact bus routes are subject to yearly change based upon the families who request the service.

If you agree to use the bus at the beginning of the year you are obligated to that payment for the rest of the school year unless you move out of our parish school district. The monthly fee will be $25.00 per student, not to exceed two students per household. Any other deviation from this policy must be made through the Board of Education. Reimbursement forms for those families who reside in the Des Moines Public School District, Ankeny School District and Southeast Polk School District will be completed and sent by our school office. Transportations reimbursement from those three districts will be sent directly to the school. This reimbursement must be turned into the school when it is received in the fall and spring for those families who receive the reimbursement directly from the school district. Failure to turn in the reimbursement will result in a $40.00 per pupil per month fee to be assessed to the family.

If your child rides the bus the following guidelines and regulations need to be followed. Proper conduct on the bus is required at all times; it is a necessity for the safety of the children. The bus driver is considered to be in complete charge of the bus and the riders. His or her judgment in making decisions concerning the actions of the riders will not be questioned. Any actions by riders that distract from the driver's attention shall be considered an offense and treated accordingly. The bus driver may assign seating for any or all passengers.

Bus Guidelines

1. The bus survey forms will be due the same date as school registration forms.

2. Families, who have ridden the bus the previous school year, have top priority. However, their survey form must be turned in to the office by the due date. After this date registration will be open on a first come, first served basis.

3. Your children may ride only one of the buses. You cannot have them ride one bus in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

4. Fees need to be paid on time unless prior arrangements have been made with the principal or pastor.

5. Every effort will be made to pick up or drop off your child/children as close to your home as possible. The actual route will be at the discretion of the Board of Education committee designing the route.

6. The fee for bus service is the same whether you use the bus both morning or afternoons, or just one way.

7. Any problems with the above guidelines should be brought to the attention of the Board of Education.

Bus Regulations

1. All riders will be responsible for any damage to the bus. Should damage be viewed when boarding the bus, it must be immediately reported to the driver. Failure to do so may make that individual liable for the damage. Students and parents will be assessed the cost in full for any damage to the bus or its contents.

2. All students have an equal right to ride the bus. Behavior such as saving of seats for others or using more than the fair share of the seat are deemed to be poor respect for others. Pushing, shoving or physically hurting another rider is prohibited.

3. Students must remain seated at all times. Nothing may be extended from windows at any time.

4. Students may visit in normal tones; loud or vulgar language is prohibited.

5. No food (including candy and gum) or drink is allowed on the bus.

6. If it is necessary to cross a street after leaving the bus, such crossings are to be made only at designated crosswalks. Students should always cross in front of the bus so that the driver is able to view the student crossing.

7. Students may not be left off at spots other than their designated drop-off point unless they bring a signed note from their parents.

8. Riders may be allowed to have friends ride with them depending on bus capacity, there will be a charge of $3.00 per rider.

9. Riders are expected to be at the designated pick-up points on time. The bus will not make stops between pick-up points. In order to maintain the schedule for other riders the bus will not wait at stops.

Any violation of the above regulations or any not specifically listed but considered to be a violation by the driver will be handled as follows:

1. First Offense: Driver will warn the student and report the warning to the principal. Principal will contact parent.

2. Second Offense: Driver will report student to the principal for disciplinary action. A one week suspension from the bus will be given and parents so notified.

3. Third Offense: The student is permanently suspended from riding the bus until so restored by the administrator. No refund of fees will be made.

District Contact

Phone: 515-266-3433
Fax: 515-266-2860
2107 E. 33rd St
Des Moines IA 50317