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Attendance & Absence Information

Regular attendance and punctuality are expected of all students. This is necessary for the student to receive the maximum benefits from the instructional program and to develop firm habits of punctuality, self-discipline, and responsibility. It is the parents' responsibility to see that the child attends school as required by Iowa's compulsory attendance statute.

As a safeguard and a check, parents are asked to phone the school before 8:30 a.m. if a child is to be absent that day. If the school has not been notified, the office will contact the parents. The student needs to bring a written excuse to their classroom teacher when they return after an absence. These notes should give the dates of the absence and the specific reason for the absence, especially in regard to the type of illness.
Pupils must be present at least three-fourths of a morning or afternoon session in order to be counted present for the half-day.

Fifteen (15) days in one school year (defined as 5 days each trimester) will be considered excessive absenteeism. Students who reach 15 days (5 in a trimester) of absenteeism will place themselves in jeopardy and may have certain academic consequences as outlined below.

1. On the fourth day of absence in one trimester, the Principal will notify the family. The student, along with parents/guardians and the student's teacher, may be required to attend an administrative staffing. This staffing serves the purpose of notification and dialogue, and a proper course of action will be outline for future success.

2. If a student reaches the fifth day of absence for the trimester, the parents will be notified by the Principal that the possibility exists for loss of academic credit for the trimester's work and that summer school may be a necessity for the loss of instructional time.

As you look at the diocesan calendar in this handbook, you will note our scheduled vacation/in-service days. Please try to arrange your family vacations and activities so that your child/children will not miss school.


Valid reasons for student's absence from school are as follows: personal illness, death or serious illness in the immediate family, suspension from school, other reasons that can be justified from an educational standpoint may be approved in advance by the Principal, other verified emergencies.

All school work missed because of absence needs to be made up within the number of school days which are double those of the absence, up to a total of six (6) make-up days. Extension of time will be considered for extended valid absence. If a student is to be gone from school for a vacation the teacher must be informed at least one week ahead of time to arrange schoolwork and tests.

Excused form School

​If a child is to be excused from school during the school day, s/he must bring a written note from home; the student must be picked up in the school office. The office must be notified when the student leaves and when they return. Please consult the school calendar when planning appointments, etc. so as to minimize the number of days your child needs to be excused.


​The following action(s) may be taken when dealing with student tardiness without a written excuse or acceptable reason: warning by teacher, parent contact, detention assigned by teacher or administrator; students who are continually tardy to school will be subject to Administrator and possible Board of Education action. Excessive tardiness shall be defined as five (5) times tardy in a trimester. Students will not be marked as tardy when late due to weather related reasons, or circumstances beyond their control, such as conditions which may cause a bus to be late.


​Parents will be notified whenever a student is found to be truant from school. The truant student will make up the time absent. Continued truancy will result in additional disciplinary action.

District Contact

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