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Discipline Policy Guidelines

Discipline is as fundamental in Catholic education as it is in Christian life. The purpose of the discipline policies at Saint Joseph School is to ensure the maximum educational benefits for all students.

It shall be the policy of the Saint Joseph Board of Education that Saint Joseph School Discipline policies will apply to all school related activities.

In the application of the policies and regulations the rights of students will be respected and due process will be applied.

A. Possession or use of a controlled substance or mood altering drug on parish grounds is prohibited. This policy will be enforced on parish grounds which includes all parish property, school bus, school sponsored or related activities.

1. Parents will be notified as soon as possible. A meeting with the student, parent/guardian, and administrator will be held.

2. The administrator will determine the necessary referral or follow-up.

3. In the case of an illegal substance, the police will be notified.

B. Any behavior which is potentially harmful to self or others will not be tolerated.

1. The administrator or designated person will be notified. The student will be removed from the situation by the designated person.

2. The student's parent/guardian will be notified as soon as possible.

3. The administrator will determine the necessary referral or follow-up.

C. Suspension, expulsion, emergency removal, and/or physical restrain may be consequences of any breech of the discipline policies.

1. Restraint is the act of physically controlling or directing the actions of a student. School personnel and/or supervising parties may use reasonable and appropriate means of restraint as deemed necessary to prevent a student from harming self or others.

2. Deliberately striking a student is specifically prohibited. The use of reasonable force in self-defense or defense of another may be warranted.

3. Suspension is the removal of a student from the classroom, either in school(the parent/guardian will be notified) or out of school under the direction of the parent/guardian.

4. Expulsion will be determined by the Board of Education as a result of a recommendation from the administrator. Re-admittance must also be approved by the Board of Education.

(Policies #505-#530, adopted or revised, May, 2003.)

Breach of Discipline

(Any conduct of students which interferes with the maintenance of school discipline.)

Acts of behavior which tend to conflict with the educational program or which are antagonistic to the welfare of other students, staff, or anyone who happens to be with our students at school, cannot be tolerated. Examples of different

classifications of breach of discipline are:

1. Temper tantrums which disrupt a class;

2. Bully type behavior (defined as behavior that continues over an extended period of time);

3. Open defiance involving refusal to conform to the rules and regulations, profane or obscene language, obscene gestures, loud and boisterous conduct which disturbs others, refusal to comply with request or direction of teachers, administrators, other school personnel, or others involved with our students;

4. Willful disobedience;

5. Continuous breaking of school rules;

6. Physical attack on others, threats of physical attack, physical violence or other threats;

7. Racially or sexually harassing or abusive behavior or language;

8. The use, possession, purchase or sale of alcoholic beverages, drugs or drug paraphernalia;

9. Possession of weapons such as guns, knives, fireworks, or other dangerous objects;

10. Personal misbehavior such as extortion or intimidation;

11. Violation of the Criminal Code of Iowa;

12. Willful destruction of parish/school property, or personal property of teachers or students;

13. Setting fires or false alarms;

14. Possession and/or use of tobacco products.


The following possible actions may be taken in cases of breach of discipline:

1. Detention;

2. Exclusion from class or activities with the approval of the principal;

3. In-school suspension, out of school suspension, expulsion as outlined in C;

4. Fines may be collected for infractions of some rules;

5. A conference may be required involving parent/guardian, teacher, and/or administrator.


to a staff member is an automatic removal from the room and student will be sent directly to the administrator who, in consultation with that staff member, will decide the appropriate consequences.


will not be tolerated at school. An automatic suspension will occur if a student is found to be in the possession of any type of weapon. Possession of a weapon may result in expulsion.

The following is taken from the Diocesan Board of Education policy (517, adopted 11/21/94) on weapons:




It shall be the policy of the Diocesan Board of Education that weapons and other dangerous objects be taken from students and others who bring them on to the school property or from students who are participating in any school-related activity away from school premises. Parents of students found in possession of a weapon or dangerous object shall be notified. Confiscation of weapons or dangerous objects may be reported to law enforcement officials and the student will be subject to disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion.
Students in possession of a firearm while on school property or participating in any school-related activity away from school premises shall be expelled for not less than twelve months. Readmission of the student at the end of the expulsion period will be based on the recommendation of the principal to the local board of education.

The following is the St. Joseph's Board of Education Policy (509.1, adopted 9/9/99) on violence:


​It shall be the policy of the St. Joseph's Board of Education to respond to all threats of violence as serious in intent. All threats will be investigated by the program administrator, counselor and/or designee.
The threat will be reported to and a meeting will be conducted with the student's parents. St. Joseph's will take disciplinary action to include a recommendation for professional counseling. The incident may be reported to law enforcement officials for further action. The Board of Education, Diocesan Superintendent, and pastors will also be notified and consulted.

District Contact

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