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Dismissal Due to Storms

For announcements concerning school closings due to storms, snow or extreme heat, listen to KRNT or WHO radio. If such an announcement does not come, parents may use their own judgment about an early pick-up. A call to the school regarding this will help us to have your child/ren ready for you.

If there is an emergency early dismissal, homeroom/volunteer parents will be responsible for contacting each child's family. If they are unable to contact either the parent or the emergency contact person, the child will remain at school until someone can be reached. If you wish your child/ren to use another means of transportation home in an emergency situation, please contact the school office personally. Please give written instructions to the school office if there is a certain procedure you wish followed in the event of an emergency early dismissal and instruct your child/ren as to what this procedure involves. We need to keep phone calls to a minimum at these times so any prior directions would be most helpful.

District Contact

Phone: 515-266-3433
Fax: 515-266-2860
2107 E. 33rd St
Des Moines IA 50317