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Emergency Drills

Fire & Tornado Drills

Fire drills will be held monthly in accordance with the laws of the City of Des Moines. Students are required to move quickly and quietly to their assigned destination.

Tornado drills are also conducted on a regular basis as directed by the Department of Education. The fire department and police have a copy of our evacuation plan. Students are to move to the cafeteria area and library area when the severe weather storm alarm is given. The signal for tornadoes will be the continual ringing of a hand bell. This pattern will continue until all students are evacuated. Saint Joseph School's tornado plan is included in this handbook.

Tornado Plan

This plan has been approved by a representative of the Area School Branch, a Civil Defense Department.

The motto, "Be Prepared" is put forth in the following plan in case a tornado should ever hit this area during school hours. The Civil Defense Department recommended a copy of the plan be sent to parents to inform them that protective measures have been put into place.

The representative from Civil Defense assured us that the structure of Saint Joseph School is very good and it would serve as a suitable shelter in case a tornado should strike.

The teachers and students are aware of this emergency procedure as well as the fire drill procedure.

I. Manner of receiving warning: System of communication from Diocesan Office, radio, assigned emergency informers.

II. Signal to teacher and students: Announcement over the public address system directing all to go to "tornado warning drill" position. In case of an electrical power shortage a large hand bell will be sounded.

III. Positions (as practiced): It is necessary that each individual proceed to assigned area in silence.

KINDERGARTEN: Boys' restroom, new hallway

GRADE ONE: Boys' restroom, new hallway

GRADE TWO: Girls' restroom, new hallway

GRADE THREE: Hallway going to gym

GRADE FOUR: Hallway going to gym

GRADE FIVE: Hallway going to gym

GRADE SIX: Hallway going to gym

GRADE SEVEN: Girls' restroom (by Middle School)

GRADE EIGHT: Girls' restroom (by Middle School)

Students are to carry a textbook to cover their heads. Teachers are to maintain order and remain alert to take measures to insure the welfare of all.

District Contact

Phone: 515-266-3433
Fax: 515-266-2860
2107 E. 33rd St
Des Moines IA 50317