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Lunch Information

Hot lunches are provided for the students of Saint Joseph School. Students may also bring a sack lunch. Students in grades 2-8 are able to purchase ala carte items.

Lunch times are as follows:

Grades K and 1, 11:20-11:40, recess from 11:00-11:15.

Grades 2-4, lunch from 11:45-12:05, recess from 11:20-12:4.

Grades 5-8, lunch from 12:15-12:45.

Mrs. Angie Pauscher is our hot lunch program manager. The cost for each lunch is $2.60. You may purchase either a five-meal ticket sold for $12.50 or a twenty-meal ticket sold for $52.00. Milk is provided with the meal, extra cartons are sold for 25¢. Parents are welcome to eat with their child any day. The cost of the adult lunch is $3.50. Please call the office at 266-3433 prior to 10:00 a.m. on the day you wish to come.

Parents are encouraged to apply for free or reduced lunches if there is a need. The forms for this program will be sent home the first week of school or are available in the school office. All applications and results are confidential. We stongly urge you to apply as this information is used to determine our eligibility to receive Title I services ( reading and math resource services provided by our Title 1 teacher) from Des Moines. If you were on the program last year, your status stays the same for 30 days so that you may reapply. Lunch payments that are 30 days in arrears will be forwarded to the Business Manager.

District Contact

Phone: 515-266-3433
Fax: 515-266-2860
2107 E. 33rd St
Des Moines IA 50317