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Playground Rules

1. Touch football may be played, no tackle football. No kicking the footballs when playing on the back parking lot. Playing in an unsafe manner will result in the immediate loss of the football.

2. Dodge ball may be played, but ball must be thrown below the waist.

3. Jump ropes are to be used only for jumping rope.

4. When playing tag, pulling on clothes is not permitted.

5. The first time a ball goes in the street is a warning, the second time will result in the loss of the ball.

6. Students may bring balls, toys, etc. to play with at recess, but the students alone are responsible for loss or damage.

7. No Gum or Candy is allowed on the playground.

Back Parking Lot Rules

1. The parking lot is the only area for play.

2. Students may not be twirling on any the railings around the parking lot or steps.

3. Students may not play on the steps.

4. Students may not climb on the wall outside the gym door or play on the grassy area above the wall.

5. Students may not go behind the freezer or dumpsters.

6. The garage, the Reading Recovery building, and the preschool classroom are off limits to all students.

7. If a ball goes into the street for K through third graders only an adult or patrol may get the ball from the street. Fourth through eighth graders may get the ball after getting permission from the playground supervisor.

Park Rules

1. Students may not play behind the shelter, by the pool area, or in the tennis courts.

2. The baby swing may not be used by any of the students.

3. Only a playground supervisor may get a ball that goes in the street.

Winter Rules

1. Students may play in the snow if they are wearing snow pants, boots, and gloves. Students may build snowmen, snow forts, etc.

2. Throwing snow or sliding on the ice is not permitted.

3. Students will go outside for recess unless the temperature is zero or below. The following guidelines will be utilized;
30 degrees or above- full recess time
20 degrees-29 degrees- 15 minutes
1 degrees- 19 degrees- 10 minutes

Consequences of Misbehavior/Breaking above rules

1. 1st offense - 5 minutes time out

2nd offense - loss of recess

2. Swearing, spitting, and fighting (physical contact) will not be tolerated. Students will be sent to the office.

3. Arguing and/or being disrespectful to playground supervisors will not be tolerated. Students will be sent to the office.

District Contact

Phone: 515-266-3433
Fax: 515-266-2860
2107 E. 33rd St
Des Moines IA 50317