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Religious Instruction Guidelines

Catholic educators throughout the nation identify the uniqueness of the Catholic schools as one of the prime reasons for their existence. Uniqueness, in this context, centers on the religious instruction, the value system and the climate in the schools for the religious and moral development of its students.

Our teachers are involved in an on-going process of religious education themselves in order to provide your children with instruction in our faith. This is provided by the Diocese, Saint Joseph Educational Center, by our local parish, and in conjunction with other Catholic schools in the area. The six year plan for professional development for our staff is the Echoes of Faith program. This six year plan was developed by the superintendent and administrators.

The text we use in grades K-8 is the Call to Faith series published by Harcourt Brace. Textbooks are only guides for learning and are most effective when combined with an active faith life. Hopefully, along with practicing our faith; you, as your child's primary educators, are discussing with your children what they are doing in their classes.

The importance of prayer is recognized and reinforced here at school, and again is most effective when practiced in the home. Our school day begins and ends with prayer, along with prayer before lunch.
The Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist are prepared for in second grade. Confirmation is prepared for in eighth grade.

Students attend Mass with their classmates on a weekly basis. All School Mass will be held each Wednesday at 8:30 am in the church, unless an exception must be made due to Holy Days or dismissals. They also attend special prayer services and Reconciliation several times a year. Students plan and participate in these liturgies. An all school Rosary is held each month in the church.

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