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Student Insurance

The school is not responsible for medical expenses relating to a school injury. A student accident insurance program is available as an option for parents. Information concerning this coverage will be sent home the first week of school.

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Student Records

In order to facilitate the educational process of the student, records on each student are kept by the school. Questions regarding student records should be directed to the principal's office. The records contain information about the student and the student's education and may include but are not limited to the following types of records: identification data, attendance data, record of achievement, family background data, aptitude tests, educational and vocational plans, honors and activities, discipline data, objective counselor or teacher ratings and observations, and external agency reports.

The following person, agencies and organizations may have restricted access to student records without prior written consent of the parent or student over the age of 18 years. Any other access to student records shall be only upon written consent or upon court order or legally issued subpoena.

1. School officials, teachers and AEA personnel with a legitimate educational interest.

2. Officials of other schools in which the student proposes to enroll.

3. Representatives of state and local government when auditing and evaluating Federal education programs.

4. Officials connected with a student's educational financial aid applications. (Applies at the high school level.)

5. Governmental officials to which information is to be reported under state law adopted prior to November 19, 1974.

6. Organizations which process and evaluate standardized tests.

7. Accrediting organizations for accrediting purposes.

8. Parents and legal guardians of dependent children, regardless of the child's age.

9. Appropriate parties in a health or safety emergency.

Student records are reviewed and inappropriate material removed periodically and, at a minimum, whenever a student moves from the middle school to high school level and when a student transfers out of the school. Those records not of permanent importance are destroyed within three years of graduation or discontinued attendance. Parents of students under age 18 and students over age 18 may exercise the opportunity to review educational records of the student, to obtain copies of the records, to write a response to material in the record, to challenge the content of the record on grounds of inappropriateness, inaccuracy, or an invasion of privacy, and to have the records explained.

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Testing Program

The Iowa Assessment (formerly the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills) are given to students in grades 3-8 in October of each year. CRS (constructed response survey for reading) will be administered to students in grade four, CRS (mathematics) are administered to students in grade 6. Students in grade 8 take the SCASS assessment (Science). All data from the assessments is utilized for the Annual Progress Report (APR), which is sent to the State Department of Education to monitor student achievement.

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Uniforms & Dress Code

Students are expected to come to school neatly dressed, clean and well-groomed. Students are to wear their uniforms each day unless otherwise stated. Uniform checks will be conducted on a daily basis. Parents are responsible for making sure their children come to school dressed appropriately each and every day. The Principal is the final judge on the acceptability of students' appearance.


a. Girls are to wear either skirts, pants, or jumpers of solid color navy blue or khaki 

tan. Skirts and jumpers may be no more than three inches above the knee. Leggings, lycra, tight knit, and colored denim are not acceptable. Black or brown belts with buckles are to be worn for all students in grades 3-8 with shirts tucked in. No sashes or scarves can be worn as belts.

b. Girls are to wear plain, solid white, yellow, or royal (no chambray or denim), polo-type shirts with a fold over collar. The polo shirts may be either long or short sleeved. T-shirts may be worn underneath the polo shirt. No long sleeve t-shirts may be worn except when wearing a long sleeve polo.

c. Polo shirts with an embroidered school logo will be introduced during the 2010-2011 school year.

d. Socks are to be worn at all times including out of uniform days.


1. Boys are to wear solid color blue or khaki tan pants. Colored denim may not be worn, corduroy is acceptable. Black or brown belts with buckles are to be worn for all students in grades 3-8 with shirts tucked in. "Slouching" of pants is not permitted.

2. Boys are to wear plain, solid white, yellow, or royal (no chambray or denim) polo-type shirts with a fold over collar. The polo shirts may be either long or short sleeved. T-shirts may be worn underneath the polo shirt. No long sleeve t-shirts may be worn except when wearing a long sleeve polo.

3. Polo shirts with an embroidered school logo will be introduced during the 2010-2011 school year.

4. Socks are to be worn at all times including out of uniform days.

5. Sweaters may be worn year round. They must be plain, solid colors of white or navy blue. A solid color uniform shirt or blouse with a fold-over collar must be sworn underneath (with the collar visible). Sweater jackets are not acceptable as part of the uniform. Coats, jackets, or sweatshirts may not be worn during class time.

6. Students are to wear solid back, sturdy shoes or tennis shoes. Tennis or gym shoes must be available or worn on PE days. No crocs or look a like crocs or sandals are permitted.

7. On out-of-uniform days blue jeans, colored jeans, flannel shirts, denim or chambray shirts, t-shirts, and sweatshirts may be worn.

8. During the months of August, September, May, and June students may wear "walking" shorts in navy blue or khaki tan. These may not be more than three inches above the knee. Girls may wear "skorts" during these months. Capri style or cargo style shorts are also acceptable

9. Body suits; crop tops; tank tops; leggings; shirts that advertise alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, rock groups, or have offensive language or symbols, miniskirst; short shorts or cutoffs, sweatpants, and muscular shirts are not permitted even during out-of-uniform days..

10. Extreme hair styles, make-up or jewelry which draw undue attention or are disruptive are not permitted. Hair length for boys should not exceed beyond the collar of a shirt. The administrator is the final judge of appearance. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings.


Violations of the uniform regulations will be addressed as follows:

First violation: Student will be reminded of uniform regulations and asked not to come to school in violation of those regulations. Reminder notes will be sent home.

Second Violation: Student will be required to call parent to make them aware of the situation and a note will be sent home.

Third Violation: Principal will call a parent and require that the violation be taken care of immediately, the student will be removed from the classroom until the violation is corrected. A detention will be given.

Uniform Exceptions and Out-of-uniform Days

1. Eighth grade students may wear their class shirt (t-shirt) as part of their uniform on Mondays. Students in grades 5-8 may wear a yellow polo type shirt or button-up dress shirt (either should have fold over collars).

2. On Wednesdays, the school children are permitted to dress up for School Mass. This can include dresses for the girls and button up shirts with ties for the boys.

3. On the first Thursday of each month, there will be St.Joseph School out-of-uniform day. This day, students will be allowed to wear St. Joseph t-shirts and sweatshirts or other permitted casual attire.

4. On the third Thursday of each month, students who choose to participate in out of uniform for Missions Days. There is a monetary contribution to our mission project that the school is supporting. Failure to bring missions funds in out-of-uniform will result in a disciplinary referral for the student.

5. In addition, throughout the year, there will be various dress-up , jeans, out-of-uniform, or "special" dress days determined by the school Principal.

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Talented & Gifted Program

"Blast" is our program for gifted and talented students. It provides opportunities and experiences for students that extend beyond the regular classroom curriculum in order to meet their needs. This group meets on a weekly basis.

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Visitor Information

Parents and other guests are welcome to visit the school. We ask that the principal and teacher be informed of this visit at least one day ahead of time. Parents and guests are also welcome to join students for lunch, Mrs. Pauscher needs to know a day ahead of time, just call the school office and the message will be passed on. All visitors need to check in at the school office before proceeding to the classroom.

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Volunteer Information

We need all parents to contribute their time and talents in service to Saint Joseph's School. Without the help of volunteers our school could not operate as well and efficiently as it does. Our Home & School Association will send home a volunteer sign-up form. We need and appreciate your help!

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Middle School Expectations

The 5th , 6th, 7th and 8th grade years are important transition years in the academic life of a student. It is during this time that he/she needs to develop the self-discipline, sense of responsibility, and independence in study skills needed to achieve success in high school and in the job market.

Students at these grade levels are given more privileges and responsibilities, and take more of a leadership role in our school; i.e. Student Council officers, Teen Leadership Core, Jr. National Honor Society, participation in school dances (7th & 8th graders), 5th through 8th graders have the opportunity to participate in sports, chorus and band. They are also held more accountable for their actions---both positive and negative. When a student doesn't get an assignment finished or fails a test, it is the student's responsibility to resolve the problem. Assistance by staff is always available.

As in everything we do, parent cooperation and open communication between all is essential in order to provide the best learning environment for our students. We hope that you will support us in our efforts to make this a successful and meaningful year for your student(s). Please contact us when you have any questions or concerns.

Responsibility for Behavior

1. Students are expected to treat others with courtesy and respect. Abusive language, put downs, and harassment of others will not be tolerated. Since most of this type of behavior occurs outside of the hearing and sight of staff, parents are encouraged to inform teachers of known behavior of this type.

2. Students are expected to remain in the classroom during a normal class period. Students will not normally be excused during class to go to the bathroom or get drinks. These matters should be taken care of before school, at break times, at lunchtime, or between classes with the teacher's permission. Teachers need to be notified by parents/guardians if there is a medical reason why an exception should be made.

3. Participation in extracurricular activities is encouraged. Such participation, however, should not interfere with performance in school. Students participating in these activities will be expected to maintain a passing average and display appropriate behavior.

4. Misbehavior will be dealt with in the following manner:

a. Verbal warning on first offense.

b. Check on behavior slip on second offense.

c. Detention (2 checks) on third offense. Parents will be notified by telephone on the day the detention is to served. Detentions will be served on Thursday. Detentions may be given for behavior which is inappropriate and/or disruptive to the class.

d. The fifth detention in a trimester will result in a one day in-school suspension. Parents will be notified, and may be called in for a conference with the student, teacher(s), counselor, and/or administrator. If a student receives a second in-school suspension in one trimester, two days in-school suspension will be served at that time and a conference with the teacher, counselor, and/or administrator will be required.

Responsibility for Assignments

Enter your text here ...1. Each student will need an assignment notebook. This will help the student to organize his/her time, make sure assignments are completed on time, and help parents who wish to see what has been assigned. There will be periodic checks in the classroom to see if students have their notebooks. After the third missing assignment in a quarter, the student will be required to have a parent sign this assignment notebook.

2. All work turned in should be neatly done, should fulfill the teacher's requirements, and should be the student's best work. Any work which does not meet these requirements will need to be redone.

3. Cheating will not be tolerated. If a student cheats on a test or assignment, a grade of zero will be given. A detention may be assigned.

4. All assignments are expected to be completed on time.

5. If an assignment is not completed, the student will serve a "homework help" session during the school day. If there becomes a pattern of uncompleted assignments, a meeting with parents, the student, teachers and administrator will be scheduled.

6. When a student misses class for any reason, it is her/his responsibility to see the teacher as soon as possible to find out about assigned work. If this is not done, the assignment will be considered late and dealt with as such. If a student is absent for a test, but was present when the test was announced, he/she will be expected to make up the test on the day he/she returns to class. This also applies to assignments or projects announced when the student was present, but due on a day when she/he was absent. If this presents a problem, it is the student's responsibility to talk to the teacher.

7. Students are required to come to class prepared. This includes all books and materials necessary for that day's class. To assist in this, the students will be given a copy of their schedule.

8. Midterm reports will be sent home in the middle of each trimester. If work is not complete or the student's grade is below a C, these reports need to be signed by parents. Parents will be called in these matters.

9. If there is incomplete work, it must be turned in the next day, but credit will be reduced by 10%.

10. Consequences of incomplete work or a cumulative grade of below a C average;

a. The student will serve homework help until all the work is made up.

b. Lesser credit will be given on all late work.

c. Removal from extra-curricular activities until grades are brought up and all work turned in.

d. A conference with the student, parents, teacher(s), and administrator may be required if the problem continues.

Responsibility for Property

1. Students will be responsible for the proper care and treatment of all property. If students are found to be responsible for the damage or destruction of property, they will be required to pay for its replacement.

2. All textbooks are to be covered at all times. This greatly reduces the wear and tear on these books which need to be used for several years. When a teacher sees that a book is uncovered, a fine may be imposed.

3. Cell phones may be brought to school, but must remain turned off and turned into the students' teacher at the beginning of the school day. Students caught using cell phones during the school day will lose the cell phone for up to three days.

4. I-Pods, M3 Players, and any other electronic equipment may not be brought to school. The school will not be responsible for lost or damaged items.

5. Please check the Lost and Found area periodically. We have a large number of unclaimed items throughout the school year.

Communication with Parents

1. Midterm report forms will be sent home at mid trimester. (See no. 8 under Responsibility for Homework.)

2. Parents may be called at other times to inform them about their student's progress, behavior, or accomplishments.

3. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers whenever they see a problem or have a concern, or are pleased with something.

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A. Newsletters will be sent home with the youngest student in each family on the last Friday of each month that school is in session. It is important that both parents and students read these to be informed and up-to-date about what is happening in their school community.

B. The school office is open from 7:45 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. each school day.

C. Requests for conferences may be made by a parent or guardian through the office or by the office to discuss any concerns about a student's progress or problems. Parents may request a conference at any time.

D. Teachers and/or administrator are available to meet with parents by appointment. Any parent or guardian may visit the classrooms by making an appointment through the office.

E. The law holds that parents do not cease to be parents when they no longer have custody of their children. Saint Joseph School abides by the provisions of the Buckley Amendment with respect to the rights of non-custodial parents. In the absence of a court order to the contrary, a school will provide the non-custodial parent with access to the academic records and to other school-related information regarding the child. If there is a court order specifying that there is to be no information given, it is the responsibility of the custodial parent to provide the school with an official copy of that court order. If the child is not to be released to the non-custodial parent a copy of the custodial section of the divorce decree must be provided to our school.

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