Home and School Organization 9/17/12

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Home & School Organization

Minutes from First Home and School Meeting

Home and School meeting-09/17/12-6:30pm till 7:30pm-St. Joseph Gym

People in attendance: Amy Renes, Robert Wilcox, Dan/Sarah Ponxs, Cheri Van Schapen, Molly Reilly, Phyllis Konchar, Theresa Mehrl, Jill Gifford, Jenny Krieber, Jill Kelly, Jenny Smith, Dianna Duran, Julie Norman, Darlene Huberty. Teachers present: Jennifer Simmons, Ginger Battani, Sarah Goodwin, Natalie Steffen, Debbie Murphy, Jessie Wadle, Katie McQuiston, Jessica Fredrickson, Kristina Kruse, Lori Farrell, Karie Kramer, Lisa Risvold, Jennifer Rodine.


Opening Prayer read by Dan Ponxs

Home and School Officers present:

Pres.-Dan Ponxs

Pres. Elect-?

Secretary-Robert Wilcox


Volunteer Coordinator-Sara Ponxs


Dan Ponxs: Ideas for Fundraising as Hawk Hike has been moved to Spring 2013. Homeroom Parents are to be determined. $10,000 to general fund for the 2012-2013 school year. Butter Braids fundraiser will be before Thanksgiving. Possiblity of Home/School taking over Halloween party and having soup supper at same time with a cupcake walk instead of full cake walk-needing volunteers. More information to come on Halloween party. Parent Ambassador program starts with an ice cream social on Sept 30th. November 5th is the next home/school meeting.

Hawk Hike Dicussion: Jenny Krieber provided notes from from an auction fest she attended (see attachment). Other ideas: Beer Garden/Octoberfest, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Dance, Scavenger Hunt, Cash raffle, Soup Supper and each class donate something, Pop can/Beer can drive.

Items to note, Dowling has a spring fundraiser. Possibly to have Hawk Hike before spring break.

Keeping some of the elements of the Hawk Hike as in the baskets and class projects. Maybe create two separate events, 1 for the adults (formal night), 1 for kids/family. Ask other churches to help with baskets and donations. Need to involve more of the parish and possibly change the name to a parish/school fundraiser. Involve RE (Wednesday) classes. Maybe have them make something to auction off. Broaden the focus of the Hawk Hike to include family/community and make it a community event. Have enough activities for all ages/groups to be involved. No date set for Hawk Hike at this point. Sell food tickets or dinner seats to Hawk Hike. Have a cash raffle, and sell only a certain number of tickets. Work with Business to get bigger donations, an example was splitting the money from the donation with the business. Advertise the items in all parishes.


Phyllis Konchar: T-shirts for A/R are for students that met there 1 million word reading goal. The A/R committee designed the t-shirt. The bill of $702.00 has been paid but would like home/school to reimburse the school at some point. Met with Prairie Meadows and Building Committee regarding funding and specific plans for redoing middle school. Adding more space as well as an elevator. Would bring PK into the building. Plans are currently in the works. Phyllis and Father are working on funding and people who serve on building committee would like to break ground March 2014 if funding is approved. Drawing of changes to be released in the future. Power school grade database is still being updated. Hopefully will have paperless progress reports.

Motion by Robert Wilcox to pay for A/R t-shirts of $702. Seconded by Jenny Krieber. Vote: All in favor. Motion passed, but will hold off reimbursing school until after Hawk Hike.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm


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