Home and School 9-10-13

Home and School meeting-09/10/13-6:30pm till 8:10pm-St. Joseph Gym


Parents in attendance: Robert Wilcox, Dan Ponxs, Sarah Ponxs, Theresa Mehrl, Kate James, Ryan Dunn, Cheri Van Schapen, Jill Gifford, Tracy Shedd, Krystelle Cortes, Randi Webb, Anne Johns, Janese Genovese, Tina Woods, Dave Dietrich. Teachers were also present as well as Phyllis Konchar.


  • Meeting opened at 6:30pm


  • Opening Prayer read by Theresa Mehrl


  • Introduction of Home and School Officers


  • Pres.-Dan Ponxs
  • Vice Pres.-Theresa Mehrl
  • Treasure-Kate James
  • Secretary-Robert Wilcox
  • Volunteer Coordinator-Sarah Ponxs


  • Introduction of School Staff


  • Introduction and discussion regarding new reading program called Journey:


  • Mrs. Konchar opened with basic introduction of the new Journey Guided Reading program. New program is fully aligned with Common Core. Common Core means writing, grammar, vocab, reading, spelling all relate together for easier use by students and teachers.


  • Mrs. Rodine & Mrs. Farrell finished describing the Journey Guided Reading program by detailing the curriculum and how the lesson plans work.


  • Discussion regarding the K/1st grade mixer held on Tueday, 09/02/13 and the interest in doing same for other grades:


  • Total number of families represented was 58 with a grand total of 147 people attending. Very well turn out. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Plan will be announced for upcoming 2-4th grade mixer and 5-8th grade mixer.


  • Ballot Voting took place for the following positions:


  • Assistant Treasure: Jill Gifford
  • K-2 parent representative: Ryan Dunn
  • 3-5 parent representative: Anne Johns
  • 5-8 parent representative: Tina Woods


  • Topics for future home and school meeting:


  • Members in attendance were asked to write down topics they would like to see covered at future Home/School meeting. These were passed to the Executive Board for consideration.


  • Treasurers Report:


  • Read by Kate James


  • Closing Prayer read by Theresa Mehrl


  • Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm


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Secretaries Signature:_______________________________________ Date______________

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