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Saint Joseph’s Parents,

                The last Home and School meeting for this school year has arrived. I will not be able to be at the last meeting due to a work conflict, but I wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your support towards all of the events we have done. I have served as the president for the last two years and feel that the changes the Home and School has made has brought the community of Saint Joseph’s closer together. I encourage all of you to come to next year’s meetings and see what Home and School is all about. I will tell you that in the time I have been volunteering my time has brought me closer to the school staff and has also sparked new friendships with the other parents that otherwise would not have happened. So, once again I want to thank you parents for all of your support and also I want to thank the executive board and volunteers that have stuck by me for the last two years. Please support Theresa Mehrl and her Executive Board in the next school year.


Dan Ponxs


Home and School Meeting 5-13-2014
@ 6:30 in the Gym
 Opening Prayer – Robert Wilcox
 Introduction of new Executive Board
 Vote for new Finance Committee
 Open Discussion
 Closing Prayer- Robert Wilcox

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